Non-invasive health monitoring and
artificial intelligence for medicine.

Accofrisk works at the intersection of medicine, big data and artificial intelligence. The company's theoretical research and technologies are focused on creating products for continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the user's health.

Accofrisk non-invasive devices.

Our non-invasive health monitoring devices can help users better understand their health and respond to changes in body function before symptoms appear.

The watch continuously monitors 100+ groups of parameters of various systems of the user's body in automatic mode.

A non-invasive remote health monitoring platform.

Mass measurements of patient or employee health status and management decisions based on the health status of the team.

Company technologies.

Results of research

Theoretical framework

Artificial intelligence

The result of our theoretical approaches and research was a line of devices currently under development - a handheld health monitoring device and fitness bracelet with health measurement functions, a device for group monitoring, a non-invasive monitoring device for children.

Our products and solutions utilize the rheology and biomechanics of blood pressure as the theoretical basis.

We have developed spectral detection and thermal metabolism detection technology by collecting the bulk pulse wave signal and thermal metabolism signal at the user's arm.

We combined big data analytics with accurate artificial intelligence modelling to generate personalised self-healing interval and abnormality correction to control blood flow and blood supply.

Research and competencies of the team.

Artificial intelligence.

Our competences in the field of AI lie in the development of new methods for measuring the parameters of body systems. Improving the quality of these measurements is the main priority of this work.


Today we measure more than 100 groups of body system parameters. In our nearest plans we are going to create and introduce a method of obtaining the parameters of the general blood analysis without blood sampling.


Our team is involved in the formation of standards for healthy ageing through the creation of smart health monitoring methods. We implement the concept of involving loved ones in monitoring users' health.

Prevention of diabetes.

Based on continuous measurement of glucose and blood sugar levels. Our solutions will instantly alert the user to the first signs of diabetes. Soon we will learn how to diagnose diabetes in children.

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