Accofrisk non-invasive remote patient health monitoring platform.

Make medical or management decisions based on remote monitoringof real-time health data and artificial intelligence recommendations.

24/7 monitoring.

Continuous monitoring of 100 groups of bodyparameters of the organization’s employees


Digital health marker for the entire time of an employee.


Connection of unlimited number of users.


Forming management recommendations using an artificialintelligence system.

From health monitoring to team management.

Monitoring of health parameters is implemented by connectingterminal devices to dashboards in a browser or in an app on a tablet.Work screens display summary data for all connected devices anddigital profiles of all users.

Based on the measurements and the resulting data, users arecategorised into 4 groups on an "excellent to SOS" scale. Summaryand personalised graphs are generated for all users for all groups ofhealth parameters and recommendations for health improvement aremade. Users who are in risk groups may not be allowed to performduties automatically or they may be given emergency assistance ifthey are patients.

The terminal device is an Accofrisk smart watch or our wristbandsor handheld gadgets can be used.

 Remote non-invasive healthcare platform capabilities.







– Total number of connected employees.

– Number of connected devices during the day.

– Measurement history since connection.

– Number of measurements during the day.

– Number of measurements per month.


–  Unlimited number of employees to the WEB-interface.

– 20 users to the executive tablet.


– Employee name.

– Phone number.

– Reminder content.

– Measurement time.

– Recording details.


Health information is stored in user records. The main screen of theplatform collects summary reports and graphs by health monitoringsections. The graphs show the ratios in percentage of healthyemployees whose health parameters are outside the normal range.


– Brain function assessment.

– Assessment of cardiac function.

– Assessment of pulmonary function.

– Kidney function assessment.

– Sleep monitoring analysis.

– Physical fatigue reminder.

– Mental fatigue reminder.

– Emotional monitoring.


Health parameter alerts connected users are categorized into 4 riskgroups:

– Abnormalities (Abnormality Reminders).

– Employee Risks (Risk Reminders).

– Parameters within normal limits (Friendly Reminders).

– High Risk (SOS Resort).


– Rapid response to patient conditions.

– Managing teams based on health status.

– Reducing health risks in the workplace.

– Preventing employee burnout.

– Determine the impact of changes on the work environment.

– Automate clearance decisions for work duties.

– Managed employee health prevention.

Industry Solutions.

The range of industry applications for the Accofrisk platform islimitless - from patient health monitoring to airliner pilot wellnessmonitoring. We have presented some use cases below and arealways ready to discuss your remote employee health monitoringneeds.


Monitoring driver fatigue. Monitoring of well-beingbehind the wheel. Generating data for remote medical examination.


Continuous monitoring of patient's health parameters inthe department or remotely monitored. Alerting the staff.


Monitoring of the condition of the company's frontoffice staff in conditions of increased tension and stress.


Remote preliminary diagnoses, control of healthparameters, monitoring of insured persons' lifestyle.


Employees whose work responsibilities involve highphysical exertion and health risks. 

Benefits of the platform.


The platform implements an API for integrationwith client information systems.


Transfer of monitoring data for training third-party artificial intelligence systems.


Development of platform functionality andterminal devices for the company's tasks/


On-demand usage, installation of the platform onclient's servers or in public cloud.

Technology and AI.

A volumetric pulse wave is a signalthat can be used for non-invasive monitoring and underpins ourtechnology for determining key parameters of a user's healthmetrics.

The pulse wave is read via sensors on the Acoofrisk smartwatch andtransmitted in real time for processing to the ARIA artificialintelligence.

ARIA includes a neural network (NN) and a semantic network (SN).ARIA NN is responsible for learning from the incoming data andgenerating benchmarks for the user. ARIA SN oriented graph ofhealth parameters, biological and interdisciplinary knowledge,recommendations and messages of the user.

The company's partnership programme.

Resellers & WL.

We invite companies interested in sellingAccofrisk smart watches and other devices of the company or inmanufacturing devices under their own brand under the White Labelmodel.


For manufacturers of electronics and gadgets we offerintegration of our technologies into developed devices under theOriginal equipment manufacturer model.

Data set.

We are ready to discuss the exchange of health parametermeasurement data with those interested in the development ofinformation systems based on artificial intelligence.

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