Measure sugar, glucose levels and other health parameters non-invasively with a
Ai watch| 

Accofrisk Ai Pocket A.

Measures health parameters through horizontal application to the wrist of the hand (heart rate). Suitable for personal daily measurements.

Accofrisk Ai Pocket B.

Measures health parameters through vertical application to the wrist of the hand (pulse). Suitable for inpatient care.

Accofrisk Ai Stick.

Elegant form-factor is suitable for people who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to keep their health fully under control.

We have developed the Waii line of devices in order to expand the boundaries of non-invasive measurement of health parameters.

The devices in the product line have the same capabilities and features and differ in design and usage scenarios.

What health parameters do the AI devices measure?

Blood glucose levels

Arterial prognosis

Blood pressure

Blood circulation

Blood flow pattern

Cardiac index

Blood microcirculation

Haemoglobin and albumin

Heart rate





One app for all devices.

All devices run the Accofrisk mobile application for monitoring parameters of the main body systems.

Separate section with detailed analytics for each body system.

The minimum frequency of measurement updates in the app is once every 10 minutes.

Graphs of measured parameters for a period and comparison with previous periods.

Protection of measurement data by linking the app to your phone number.

Неинвазивные устройства для измерения параметров здоровья Accofrisk - уровень сахара в крови.

Pulse wave measurement sensor.

All of the devices in the product line read the pulse wave volume and thermal metabolism signals on the radial artery of the user's wrist. The data is then processed by the ARIA AI and displayed in the app.

A unique methodology for measuring health indicators developed by our team.

Using the devices only when measurements are needed, makes it even safer.

High accuracy of measurement parameters - measuring sugar to the nearest hundredth.

Safety of LED (light-emitting diode) and optical sensor radiation for the user's health.

Characteristics of the line of devices -Waii.

LCD display - 1.63-1.78 AMOLED. 

Screen resolution - 368 * 488 pixels.

Processor (CPU)- MTK6737 - MTK6740, 4 core, 1.5 GHZ.

Memory (RAM) - 1GB.

Memory (ROM) - 8GB.

WI-FI, Bluetooth, eSIM.

The battery capacity is a 510 mAh polymer lithium battery. It takes 1 hour to charge fully from scratch.

Operating time of one battery charge / manual monitoring mode - 120 hours.

Heart rate sensor, accelerator, air pressure sensor - Optical chip low-power heart rate monitor PAH8011ES (PixArt Imaging Inc.).

Advantages of the range.


The compact size of the devices will make their use convenient and inconspicuous.


Monitoring of all important body parameters with high accuracy and on demand.


Compared to analyses and other methods of measuring health data and parameters.


The user's wrist is scanned by a sensor with safe LED  (light-emitting diode) emission.

Accofrisk Ai Pocket A.



Accofrisk Ai Pocket B.

 $ 650


Accofrisk Ai Stick.



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